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The app stores are more competitive every day and app publishers are looking for more intelligence and organic advantages in order to build a sustainable mobile business. Sometimes they take shortcuts in an attempt to game the top charts. Anecdotally, faking reviews and gaming the app stores seems to be a practice that is getting used more broadly. When dealing with ephemeral and digital products, research has consistently shown that consumer ratings and reviews are very impactful on purchase decisions. A rare peak at a purported fake app review farm.

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While it is impossible to always know if reviews were paid or not, there are some very clear examples of apps who have fake reviews. For example, by looking through reviews on a per reviewer basis, you can spot apps that are all using the same services to acquire app reviews and have similar reviews from the same group of people in the app store. Notice the similarity in brevity and phrasing.

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Another way to identify fake reviews is to look for review text that is identical — this happens more often than you might think. Recently, when we announced our Love Score , we knew that we had an opportunity to start creating a better, more comprehensive view into what customers truly think about the apps they use. We wanted to really identify the apps that customers love and to summarize the state of the app stores today.

However, we knew we had to account for apps that contain fake reviews — our algorithm was originally easily fooled by the apps that have been paying people to boost their ratings and diminish others. Apple's number one priority is Apple. Basically anything that threatens any of the iPhone's core functions or key profit centers. Opera told us they aren't developing for the iPhone because the SDK doesn't allow apps "that interpret code, which is essentially what the browser does.

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Any formats not supported by Apple essentially don't exist. The NY Times makes it clear that distributors of free music or video will have it tough too, so don't expect a MyWaves or a Hulu app until the rules get clearer. Steve Jobs told the NYT that this does represent a competitive threat. As anyone running the 2. On the other hand, the massive anticipation for the Pwnage 2.

And it might never. But the black market app economy can and does fill the void.


Apple might seek to shut it down, but the iPhone's two-class app economy may prove to be its greatest strength. Gizmodo's Essential Iphone Apps. The A. Filed to: Share This Story. Deadspin The Concourse. Kotaku Compete. View on mattbuchanan. Share Tweet.

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You have our good faith, but we know that's not enough. We've made our customer reviews available for you to see for yourself that you're in good hands.

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