Sony xperia tx 13mp camera 16gb in-build

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The material also avoids leaving fingerprints behind. The NFC-certified logo is located right under it. Below the Xperia logo on the lower part of the phone is the loudspeaker grille. Just like on the Xperia J and the Xperia TX, the grille is deep and encourages dust and other particles to gather.

Images on the screen look crisp and zooming in on the details is a great experience.

I did notice, however, that dark tones in videos look rather grainy. Brighter colors looked fine and you could easily make out little details such as snow falling in trailers.

Sony Xperia TX

Though the browser loads the whole page so you can scroll up and down with no problem, the phone will need some time to re-render content when you zoom in and out. When watching videos on the stock video player and the YouTube app, there were no stutters or freezing. Playing Dead Trigger was rather smooth as well.

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The dual-core processor, however, is apparent when you launch apps. While using the Xperia T, the back became a bit warm but not too uncomfortable to use. I subjected the Xperia T to an informal battery test which presumably simulates moderate to heavy use.

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I also turned Volume and Brightness up to their highest settings. The first part of the test involves playing a video on loop for one hour. The second part of the test involves browsing a graphics-heavy website for another hour. Heavy users may want to take their charger with them wherever they go, but with moderate use, the Xperia T could possibly last 6 to 7 hours.

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The Xperia T can send content to other devices via Bluetooth, or connect to wireless speakers. What I like the most about the Xperia T is its dedicated Shutter button. Indoors, however, the images that the rear camera captures are rather noisy, especially in dark tones. The flash should serve you well at evening parties or picture-taking in areas with little light. Without the flash, the camera seems to have a hard time locking on to the subject and in turn, produces very blurred pictures. The rear camera is capable of p Full HD recording, so I just had to put it to the test.

The result was quite disappointing. Autofocus works alright, but sometimes it was just bad. Its controls are intuitive and straightforward, but if you want to make your listening experience personalized, you can enjoy sound enhancements like Clear BASS and a 5-band equalizer. The sound that comes from the Xperia T is loud, thanks to xLoud enhancement.

There was no stutter, lagging, or freezing when I played HD videos. The Xperia T runs Android 4. Sony, however, has planned an upgrade to Android 4.

Dimensions and Build

Slide the camera icon to the left to jump into the camera app and slide the lock icon to the right to unlock your phone. I like this function as it prevents me from accidentally unlocking the device with a wayward touch. In the middle of these icons is the button for the app drawer. Just like on most Android devices, you can pull down the notification menu from the top of the screen. Flick your notifications to the right to dismiss them or you can clear out your notifications with one tap. The app drawer shows you 20 app icons per page.

You can uninstall apps directly from the app drawer without having to go through the Settings menu. TrackID, for music recognition, is also included. You can also enjoy your Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited subscriptions through their own widgets.

Sony Xperia T review

Multitasking is possible on the Xperia T thanks to Small Apps. You can move them around on your screen and keep them on top while you do other things on your phone. If you want to stick to the stock look but inject a different color into your experience, you can choose from the Themes available on the Xperia T. The T -- which will be known as the TX in select markets, and should be launching globally over the next few weeks -- also sports a 1. Dimension-wise, the T will weigh 4. Lastly, the new Xperia flagship will be available in black, silver and white hues while the TX appears to come in pink as well.

Pricing is still an unknown, but as we've seen before, it may largely depend on the market anyway. We'll keep you posted as more details come in. New Xperia smartphone series with Sony's best HD experiences deliver next step in connected entertainment. Xperia V shares many of the same great features with Xperia T, but is also LTE enabled for superfast network performance and comes with the highest level of water resistance in smartphone. Xperia J has eye-catching design with a stand-out screen size for consumers looking to combine great style with affordability.

Xperia Tablet S brings Xperia to the world of tablet for the first time. Xperia T will launch globally over the next few weeks. Xperia V and Xperia J will launch globally in calendar Q4 Xperia smartphones are at the heart of Sony's mobile strategy of delivering a consistent user experience across devices, enabling consumers to easily and quickly access the world of entertainment that Sony delivers," commented Kunimasa Suzuki, President and CEO of Sony Mobile Communications. Xperia smartphones: The Album application combines an intuitive user interface that enables consumers to view, sort, and share pictures with an ability to consolidate photos posted on social media such as Facebook.

Sony Xperia L1 Unboxing, Setup & Hands-on Review

Consumers can enjoy video content in high picture and sound quality through the Movies application. It also provides movies synopsis from the rich database of Gracenote. Furthermore, with Album and Movies applications, consumers can remotely enjoy their photos and movie content stored in their home digital media servers.

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Now, consumers can easily and instantaneously enjoy their music and photos across an array of NFC enabled Sony devices, by simply touching one to another to establish a wireless connection without a cumbersome pairing process. Will be upgraded to Android version 4. The Buyer's Guide.

sony xperia tx 13mp camera 16gb in-build Sony xperia tx 13mp camera 16gb in-build
sony xperia tx 13mp camera 16gb in-build Sony xperia tx 13mp camera 16gb in-build
sony xperia tx 13mp camera 16gb in-build Sony xperia tx 13mp camera 16gb in-build
sony xperia tx 13mp camera 16gb in-build Sony xperia tx 13mp camera 16gb in-build
sony xperia tx 13mp camera 16gb in-build Sony xperia tx 13mp camera 16gb in-build
sony xperia tx 13mp camera 16gb in-build Sony xperia tx 13mp camera 16gb in-build
sony xperia tx 13mp camera 16gb in-build Sony xperia tx 13mp camera 16gb in-build
sony xperia tx 13mp camera 16gb in-build Sony xperia tx 13mp camera 16gb in-build

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