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The cross-platform arcade puzzler, like Angry Birds, even running this will gain you credibility in an increasingly iOS-centric mobile gaming world. Another physics-based title, here it's all about getting your head around strategy and split second timing, juggling objects, bands and the all important candy, in order to feed the monster Arguably the most polished game I've ever played on Symbian, it's the well-known game of firing coloured balls into an ever-advancing line in order to matchor-greater.

Sounds boring, actually is anything but, mainly thanks to the smoothness of the action and the abundance of power-ups, which do more and more outrageous and helpful things. Terrifically atmospheric, Sparkle will amaze and addict you in every way. The oddestly named game on the platform, this is another 10tons special they wrote Sparkle, above and is physics-based with a huge slice of humour.

And violence. Essentially, you play an embittered ex-tennis ace, firing off smashed at the heads and torsos of every set of characters who get in your way, all of them themed and controlled by an evil corporation. Naturally, there are puzzles to solve, things to blow up and budge and bounce off. Never a dull moment, recommended and, again unusually, first on Symbian before the other mobile platforms got a look in. Take the concept of a racing game, then set it in the future, with low flying spaceships instead of cars.

Give all the racers weapons and high tech heads-up displays, add a sci-fi plot and some futuristic cityscapes, then throw in blisteringly fast and smooth action, a pumping soundtrack and numerous powerups, and you've got yourself a Symbian-powered winner.

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There are even 'pit stops' - no, really! Stunning graphics and 3D action. Here's my review. One of the very first of Nokia's 'HD' games, RealGolf HD still impresses - it's not quite as photorealistic as some iOS options, the animations very occasionally stutter, but it's all here, in terms of a decent golf simulation, with wind, spin, slopes, ball lie and much more.

Add in the obligatory helicopter flybys, a good green elevation grid and some fake American commentary and you've got the complete package. It may seem easy at first but then you hit a bunker and get a double-bogie and you're then fighting all the way to the club house And the equivalent for circuits, GT Racing is the most out and out realistic sports car racing sim on the platform and the one I keep coming back to because it's just so Never mind arcade driving games with power-ups and on-rails difficulty level - here you're doing well just to stay on the track much of the time, the cars here can be as hard to drive flat-out as the real thing.

You can play through a complete career, needing placing in races to progress and gradually improving your car and your own driving skills. One nice touch is the variation in tracks, with gradients, scenery and a mix of road circuits, F1-style tracks and even parts of Indy-style banked tracks. Published by Steve Litchfield at Two Top 10s in one week?

Nokia N8 - 7 Gameloft HD games

Yep, I'm in that sort of mood. In this case, a pointer to what I consider are the very best games to show off what Symbian and your smartphone can do, perhaps challenged down the pub as to why you still use "that old N8"? It's true that the games here don't usually match counterparts on for example the iPhone, but at least they're in the same ballpark in terms of graphics, speed and playability.

And, yes, this is very much my own opinion - leave your own suggestions in the comments, but do please check that each title still runs under the latest Belle Refresh or Belle FP2 OS versions Now it's true that the screen resolution of most modern Symbian phones, at nHD, x pixels, seems low in , with devices starting to come with p x pixels displays, but nHD was very competitive in when the Nokia launched, so we can't blame Nokia for plumping for nHD for its new touch devices. The lack of increase since then is a moot point, of course, though the addition of fast hardware graphics acceleration in devices from the Nokia N8 onwards has at least meant that we can have games that impress visually in terms of speed and colours, if not in absolute resolution.

So, which games on Symbian get closest to the leisure scene in iOS and Android? Which ones should you be seen playing down the pub in order to appear credible to your games-obsessed iPhone-owning friends? Below is my personally chosen top Of course, Nokia's convention, to start using 'HD' in a game's title around the time of re-introducing GPUs to Symbian for the N8, C7 and C, is somewhat misguided, since "High Definition" implies greater resolution, whereas the games were all still nHD, the same as titles written for the Nokia two years previously.

So yes, misleading, but hey, at least you get the idea At some point, developers stopped buying into the 'HD' naming kool-ade and the acronym was quietly dropped. Just FYI! Where review links are given, click through to get the actual download or 'buy' links. Angry Birds is, of course, the acid test of whether a platform can be taken seriously for games these days.

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It would be great to be mentioning the 'Space' and 'Star Wars' variants here, but sadly I don't think there's much chance of these making it to Symbian at this stage. What this means is that you get a bunch of Angry Birds 'themes' in one, just pick your season and go for it.

And with the benefit that, if you get stuck on one level, just switch over to a different season and have a crack at that one instead. Still recommended. Reviewed here. Keep your garage and race cars in order to exploit to the maximum. The police await you in each city with roadblocks and helicopters to try to arrest you, so you need to drive to the limit.

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Enjoy unexpected moments of surprise and mischief, as you choose whether or not! Create and customize your Sims appearance and personality, then take your Sims out of the house and into the neighborhood with all new gameplay. Head into battle with classic weapons like the Banana Bomb. Fight on multiple skill levels, from Easy to Insane. Funny dialogue and amazing animation will definitely keep you worming back for more explosive fun.

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