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Although, when you come out as the victor, you suddenly also come out as the most wanted man in the city. With an awesome soundtrack, a variety of weapons and vehicles to choose from, Gangstar Vegas has proven to be a must-have open world video game for mobile users. In Ravensword: Shadowlands , the story opens up with the fall of Ravengard in which the world quickly erupts into chaos. Dark elven invaders begin to flood into the Kingdom of Tyreas and during the heat of battle, the ancient Ravensword was stolen.

This third-person RPG resembles much of the same gameplay from The Elder Scrolls series as players have an open fantasy world to explore, various attributes to level up, quests to complete, along with a variety of enemies to face against. However, in Oddworld: Stranger sets off on his goal in order to earn enough money for a much-needed life-saving surgery. As mentioned, the world of Oddworld: You likely played Crazy Taxi before as its been around since the s and made its way onto a number of different platforms over the years.

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Regardless, the mobile version of the game, Crazy Taxi: City Rush stays intact with fast-paced addicting gameplay we remember from its first launch within arcades. Instead of playing it safe, the game rewards players for fast trips and close calls but if you fail to reach the destination in time your passenger will storm off in a fit of rage. Tied to the film that bares the same name, players take on the role of Batman as he cleans up Gotham city. Who knew Goat Simulator would be that much fun.

Essentially, players are given goals to complete though the game gets its fame from the mass destruction players can emit and the wacky bug filled gameplay. Developers Ossian Studios Inc. Gang Showdown. This open world western stars Buck Crosshaw an outlaw that was forced to fake his death in order to escape the state of Arizona. However, our outlaw finds himself facing an evil force that begins to erupt in the hills of a mysterious region. Gameloft has packed forty missions into Six Guns: Much like Minecraft , Terraria is an endless title where players explore, collect resources, and battle enemies within a randomly generated world.

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Much like Gangstar Vegas , Gangstar Rio: Players embark on a crime filled journey within Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Similar to the first title in the series, our protagonist seeks out to extract his revenge on those who attempted to rob and leave him for dead.

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Fight crime, explore the city of Rio de Janeiro, steal cars, complete over sixty missions with the mixture of random events, and take out corrupt politicians. Additionally, for the first time ever in the Gangstar series, players can customize their character with new shirts, hats, glasses, and more. Looking to rid the school from these jocks and thugs, players are tasked in taking them out. As you fight bullies and steal their lunch money the game will offer players various upgrades in both armor and diabolical weapons all while playing online with other gamers.

Mines of Mars is described by developers Crescent Moon Games, as an RPG title that shares elements similar to both Metroid and Motherload which is quite apparent when starting the game. Within Mines of Mars , players explore an abandoned mining colony that is procedural generated. As players progress through the game, they dig up dark secrets although, much like Metroid , aliens will be meeting you at your every turn.

Crashlands is a relatively new RPG title that follows Flux Dabes, a trucker who delivers goods through space. One day, during a run, Flux becomes a target of an alien menace named Hewgodooko who has since caused our little space trucker to become aware of an upcoming world domination plot. Players must use their cunning to stop this alien attempt in world domination while progressing through this cartoonish isometric action RPG.

Galaxy Fire 2 is an excellent spacecraft simulation title where players control the space war veteran, Keith T. Players must save the galaxy from the invading alien threats, careless space pirates, and the power-crazed men who wish to take over total control. Fans of video games like Eve Online should feel right at home as the game focuses on space travel and combat while the in-game currency is spent on new spacecrafts or various upgrades. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is one of the more popular Star Wars titles to ever release.

This is an RPG that takes place thousands of years before the first film which means both the Jedi and Sith are great in numbers. Through the epic journey, players are given freedom of how they progress their character and story as you can determine if you wish to side with the Jedi or fall into the lure of the dark side. Developers, Aspyr Media Inc. Knights of the Old Republic and because of that, this game will require over 2. In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas players take the role of Carl Johnson who was once part of the corruption of the Los Santos city.

There are four games available, each with their own special flavor.

10 Best New Open World Games for Android

You just play. Godus Price: Free with in-app purchases. Godus is an open-world simulator where you essentially play god. Your job is to keep watch over a civilization as they grow. The entire world is at your whim. That means you can help or hinder progress as you see fit.

Best Android Open world games free download

When it comes with interacting with society, you can be a just and loving creator, or you can hurl meteors at them. The choice is yours. It had a rough start at first However, it seems to be a relatively stable game these days. It's a freemium game in case that matters to you.

Top 10 Offline Open World Games for Android [GameZone]

Minecraft Price: Minecraft another of the most popular sandbox games of all time. For those who have been living under a rock, Minecraft is a game where you mine things, build things, kill things, and use your creativity to its maximum. Updates in brought Minecraft's mobile version on par with its console and PC versions. That makes all the better, honestly. We're halfway done! Here are some more excellent games to look at!

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  • Stranger's Wrath Price: On top of all of that, the game comes with fully customizable controls, a quirky storyline, boss fights, and HID gamepad support. It's not one of the purest sandbox games. However, it is pretty good. Payback 2 Price: Payback 2 is one of the more underrated sandbox games. The idea is fairly similar to something like Twizted Metal. You drive a car in an area where other people are also driving.

    Your goal is to destroy them. It also includes the ability to race helicopters, fight tanks, race cars, and much more. It includes over 50 campaign events, custom events, and more. You essentially drop in and start doing stuff. It's actually a whole lot of fun. You can try it out for free, but it is a freemium game so do keep that in mind.

    Portal Knights Price: Portal Knights is an action-RPG with a ton of sandbox elements.

    The game includes local multiplayer with up to four people, simple mechanics, an RPG style level progression, and even a crafting system. It's almost like a fantasy version of Crashlands. You roam the open world killing things and finding materials for your various adventures. There is even dual-stick controller support.

    This is a newer game compared to the others on the list. That's okay, though, because this one is still quite excellent.

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