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Whether you make sales in person, online, on the go or all of the above, PayPal has a credit card processing solution for you. Summary Flagship Merchant Services is our pick for flexible terms because it offers favorable month-to-month terms to all its merchants, with no setup, gateway setup or early termination fees. This full-service credit card processing company has low rates and offers both tiered and interchange-plus pricing, so you can choose the pricing model that's best for your business.

The service includes a merchant account and a wide range of credit card processing options, including in-person, online and mobile credit card processing. If you need a more advanced solution, you also have the choice of using a full-featured iPad POS system. Summary Square provides a fast and easy way to accept credit card payments anytime, anywhere, and is our mobile processing best pick. Getting started is simple. Just sign up for an account, download the Square credit card payment app and plug Square's card reader into your iOS or Android device. Its credit card payment app includes full-featured point-of-sale software and you can also use Square's stand to turn your iPad into a powerful POS system at your checkout counter.

Square offers dedicated solutions for all types of businesses, has simple pricing, fast deposits, a free online store and other benefits.

Summary Stripe is our pick for online credit card processing. It's easy to set up an account, so your online store can start processing credit card sales right away. You can choose from the simple Stripe Checkout system that you can copy and paste into your online store, or program the Stripe API into your shopping cart. It also has plugins and integrations for hundreds of business software applications and services.

Stripe is packed with features and customization options, which lets you tailor the service to suit your e-commerce business's unique needs. The company also has flat, transparent pricing, so you'll know exactly what you'll be paying. Our Methodology To help you find the right Credit Card Processing, we researched and analyzed dozens of options.

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This alphabetical list also includes our best picks, which are marked with badges. Flagship Merchant Services offers favorable month-to-month terms to all its merchants, with no setup, gateway setup or early termination fees. According to the company, it offers a pre-integrated payments gateway, PCI compliance, international fraud prevention and integration with more than shopping carts.

Amazon Pay Amazon Pay, formerly known as Amazon Payments, is a credit card processing service for online merchants. You add its familiar checkout button to your website, and your customers use their Amazon credentials to complete their transactions. You pay a flat percentage of each sale and a per-transaction fee. There's no long-term contract or monthly, annual, gateway or PCI compliance fees. Net Authorize. Net is a payment gateway provider that lets you accept credit cards through the platform itself or integrate payment with your existing merchant account. The service is packed with features, such as advanced fraud detection, recurring billing and e-check processing.

It claims to have a guaranteed low rate, but its rates and fees aren't clearly disclosed on its website. BankCard USA promises same-day application decisions. Choosing a solution depends on your business's needs. BestMerchantRates Best Merchant Rates boasts everyday low rates and posts its interchange-plus pricing on its website.

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The company states that there are no long-term contract or cancellation fees, so you won't have to worry about any unpleasant surprises. It sells processing equipment or, if you already have hardware, reprograms it for free. It offers omnichannel and Level 3 card processing, but it specializes in online transactions and integrates with more than software platforms.

BlueSnap Payments processor with an all-in-one payment platform. The platform accepts more than payment types and has a single integration. Braintree Want to accept more than one type of online payment? You can also accept more than currencies. CDGcommerce CDGcommerce provides in-person and online credit card processing services to small businesses. It offers interchange-plus pricing to all its merchants and charges fewer fees than most. There's also no monthly minimum and no early termination fee. Instead of using a card reader, it uses your device's camera to capture card data.

The company charges a flat percentage of each sale plus a per-transaction fee. There are no monthly, annual or PCI-compliance fees and there's no contract so you can cancel at any time without penalty. Century Business Solutions Century Business Solutions provides in-store, mobile and online payment solutions for businesses of all sizes across multiple industries. It doesn't require you to sign a contract, and it integrates with more than 50 accounting software programs, e-commerce platforms and CRM systems.

Change Merchant Solutions Change Merchant Solutions offers a choice between flat and interchange-plus pricing, and every six months it invites its merchants to submit a statement for an audit to ensure their rates haven't increased. It works with new businesses and can approve applications as quickly as same day. It doesn't charge setup or cancellation fees.

The company says it offers low rates, but it only posts its qualified debit card rate on its website. It comes with free setup, software, online shopping cart, and terminal or credit card reader. It offers a wide selection of products to help small businesses accept credit cards in person, online and on the go. Its processing services come with advanced fraud protection, data encryption and other security tools to protect your business and customers. Cornerstone Merchant Services Cornerstone offers merchant accounts, a variety of processing equipment and its own online payment gateway, so you can accept credit card payments in-store, online and on the go.

It pairs its customers with a dedicated account executive, so you'll have a consistent contact throughout the life of your account. Credit Card Processing Specialists Credit Card Processing Specialists advertises a free terminal, no long-term contract and a low-rate guarantee, though it only shows its qualified debit card rate on its website. It offers industry-specific merchant accounts, a variety of processing services and third-party software integration including QuickBooks.

It offers solutions for retail, restaurant, and e-commerce businesses, including POS systems, mobile credit card processing, and a virtual terminal for phone and mail orders. Currencycloud Currencycloud is a cross-border payments platform based in New York and London that helps B2B businesses accept payments from international customers. It provides real-time exchange rates and has a global collections program that provides your clients with virtual, local account numbers so you can receive payments faster. Dharma Merchant Services Dharma Merchant Services is a certified green business that provides payment processing for retail, restaurant and e-commerce businesses.

It has no long-term contract requirements and is transparent about pricing, posting its complete rates and fees on its website. The company donates generously to charity and offers discounted rates to nonprofits. The company also lets you accept international payments, online payments, checks, and EBT. It offers other business services such as small business loans, merchant cash advances and payroll services. It offers additional business services, like small business loans, merchant cash advances and marketing.

It has flat-rate pricing and a month-to-month agreement with no setup, cancellation or monthly fees. There are also no monthly minimum processing requirements. It works with businesses of all sizes, though its focus is small and midsize businesses. Its services include retail, mobile and online credit card processing, and it posts its pricing online. Elavon can provide you with processing equipment as well. It offers additional business solutions such as ACH transfers, remote electronic deposits and merchant cash advances. It uses multiple technologies to secure your processing data end-to-end and provides retail, online, mobile and ACH processing services.

Electronic Payment Systems Electronic Payment Systems is another provider that offers more than credit card processing. In addition to retail, mobile and online processing, it provides processing equipment, check processing, loyalty and gift cards, merchant cash advances, and marketing and SEO services. Electronic Transfer, Inc. It claims low rates, but they aren't posted on its website. It advertises free merchant-account setup, virtual terminal, shopping cart, recurring billing and fraud prevention.

This includes retail stores, service providers, ecommerce businesses, professional offices and mobile merchants. The company claims to have the lowest rates for card present transactions, but doesn't post them online. It promises fast approvals and quality customer service. This full-service credit card processor works with retail, restaurant, B2B, e-commerce and service businesses. It offers credit card readers, POS systems, mobile payment processing and value-added programs like gift cards. FastTransact FastTransact provides credit card processing services for businesses.

The company has other products, including POS systems. Fattmerchant Fattmerchant is an integrated payment technology platform that revolutionizes the payment processing experience for business owners through real-time data analytics, transparent subscription pricing, and award-winning customer support. Fattmerchant members enjoy all of these benefits with no hidden fees, no contracts, and unlimited processing. Federated Payments Federated Payments offers check acceptance and merchant services, including retail, online, phone and mobile processing. It has a cash-advance program and notes that it approves most applicants and no financials are required to apply.

Gift cards, customer loyalty programs and processing equipment are also available from this company.

First Data provides merchant services and Clover equipment to businesses of all types and sizes, including banks and independent sales organizations that resell them to small and midsize businesses. In addition to credit card processing, it offers check acceptance, ACH transfers and advanced security. Rates, fees and contract terms vary, depending on the agent or reseller and the specific needs and qualifications of your business.

Flint Flint has partnered with Stripe to offer an innovative mobile credit-card-processing system. You don't need a reader to accept credit cards on your smartphone — just download the credit card payment app, and then scan the card to process a transaction. It also comes with features like e-commerce processing and invoice billing. Global Payments Global Payments ranks among the largest credit card processors in the U.

The company offers a full range of processing services to businesses of every size, across many industries, including retail, restaurant, healthcare, education, gaming and nonprofits. It also has developer tools for businesses that need custom integrations. Its hardware options include credit card machines, wireless card readers, electronic cash registers and POS systems. It also offers touch tone credit card processing and integration with Yahoo Store Merchant accounts. Heartland Heartland, a Global Payments company, is a popular small business credit card processor that provides in-person, e-commerce and mobile payment processing to businesses in many industries.

The company offers interchange-plus pricing to all its merchants, which is the pricing model industry experts recommend. It also offers robust data security and hour customer service.

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Helcim makes credit card processing simple and affordable for small businesses. It offers retail, mobile, and virtual credit card processing solutions with transparent pricing and month-to-month terms. All merchants receive volume-based interchange-plus pricing, and you can view complete rates and fees online. Discounted rates are available for nonprofits. Those processing less, as well as high-risk businesses, need to call for quotes. It offers discounted rates to nonprofits. There's no long-term contract, early termination fee, setup fee or monthly minimum.

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Intrix In addition to merchant services and payment gateways, Intrix provides bespoke payment solutions to enterprise businesses, APIs that developers can use to connect with proprietary software, and white-label products such as virtual terminals, mobile apps, and hosted payment pages that resellers can customize with their own branding. It also offers processing equipment, data analytics and merchant cash advances. For its resellers, such as credit unions and community banks, it has a white-label mobile app and card reader that can be customized with your brand.

Leaders Merchant Services Leaders Merchant Services claims to have a 98 percent approval rate for merchant account applications and offers a free mobile card reader to new merchants. It advertises industry-low rates, though it doesn't post them on its website.

Leap Payments Leap Payments offers interchange-plus pricing to all its merchants and is one of the few companies with a rate-lock guarantee. It sells a variety of terminals and POS systems. Supported businesses include retail stores, restaurants, professional and personal service providers, contractors and home services, and e-commerce stores. It also works with businesses in high-risk industries.

Maverick BankCard This company works with various banking partners to deliver the right products and services for your business's needs. The businesses that Maverick BankCard can provide credit card processing services for run the gamut of industries: It can also work with high-risk businesses. Merchant Anywhere Merchant Anywhere offers its processing services to small businesses on a month-to-month basis and charges a single monthly fee, which includes gateway services. There are no fees for application, setup, cancellation or statements.

You can use Merchant Anywhere on Android and Apple devices as well as computers. Merchant One Merchant One offers processing solutions for small businesses that accept card payments in-store, online, on the go, or by mail and phone order.

First Data Mobile Card Reader

It advertises low processing rates, but only posts the rate for qualified debit transactions on its website. The company works with business of all sizes, including those that are home-based. Services also include mobile and PC credit card processing, as well as merchant and POS cash-advance programs. It advertises a free terminal placement program, but terms for it aren't posted. Phone cord. Compatible with Display: This card reader works flawlessly. Chip compatible. Condition is Used. All units were removed from service due to a change in processors and would have needed Certificate removal in order to reprogram.

They are ready for easy reprogrammi First Data FD Are you sure this model will work for you?. This model can communicate in 3 modes. This machine EMV-ready smart chip reader. Works with any processor! Internal PIN Pad: Thermal cla I used this lightly at my low traffic gym until it closed in November. I never had any issues with it. Sold as is. I don't know much about these things. IP connectivity with dial-up as a back up Wi Fi as an option. Thermal clamsh Used, passed self tests.

No further testing has been done. Warranty Information. FD Typically the gear at the end get chewed-up or breaks.

first data mobile credit card reader First data mobile credit card reader
first data mobile credit card reader First data mobile credit card reader
first data mobile credit card reader First data mobile credit card reader
first data mobile credit card reader First data mobile credit card reader
first data mobile credit card reader First data mobile credit card reader
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